Data search

Using the International OBIS Portal

The International OBIS Portal allows users to search by taxa (scientific and common names), country, dataset, institute and by various marine regions.

Some other search methods, including browse by data provider, and filter by physical and chemical oceanographic variable, are available on the global OBIS data set (over 40m records) via the International OBIS Portal.

There are various API's in R and via webservices can be used to extract data directly into your systems.

Use cases are described and OBIS records all publications that cite the use of OBIS data providing users insights on how to add further value to the data.

The OBIS portal aggregates data from all its endorsed nodes and therefore one can search across any taxa or regions and not be concerned that non-Australian data providers may be missed if using the ALA portal.

Using the Atlas of Living Australia Portal

Caveat: the data from this site has not been updated for 2 years. It was created from an extract from OBIS and has not been maintained. It is best to use the International OBIS Portal for a current and complete set of data.

Here are four ways by which you can search for marine species distribution records within the OBIS data network from Atlas of Living Australia OBIS site:

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